Official Website
(c) 2012 Witching Hour
We have a bunch of associations with other people and cool things and generally just things that we like, so here's some links:
First up is what was our very first foray into the digital online realm, our official MySpace page:
We still use the Myspace page listed above, but there's no arguing that Facebook has overtaken it, so we do of course have a presence on Facebook. Trev has a page that's mostly used for the band, plus we have a couple of fan pages:
Derek Frey, our very good friend and big fan of Witching Hour, is the Director, Producer and Editor of our brand new music video for Vampire's Kiss and Blood Inside. Derek works with Tim Burton and is a very accomplished filmaker in his own right, with his recent short film, "The Ballad of Sandeep" scooping many awards. Check out all of his work here:
We could not of course do a page of links without mentioning this guy. Tim aswell as being a  freind is also a thoroughly nice chap and very talented film maker. His work over the years has been a huge inspiration for us, so here's a few links for Tim Burton: